Plenary Session Presentation

Plenary Session Presentation Guidelines:
  1. The presentation should be prepared according to the template available for download below:
    Plenary Session Presentation Template

  2. It is emphasized that:
    • Presentations should be prepared in Portuguese, Spanish or English;
    • Each presentation in the plenary session will have the duration of 25 minutes, 15 minutes for presentation of the technical report and 10 minutes for technical discussion;
    • The number of presentation slides must be scaled taking into account that time available for the presentation of the work will be 15 min;
    • The file with the presentation must have a maximum of 10MB.
      The use of blue or black font color is recommended.
    • Presentations will be held in auditorium with capacity for 300 people.

  3. The file containing the presentation must be submitted in the presentation submission portal - SIGE Portal - until 10/23/2018.
    Presentation Submission Porta



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