Preferential subjects

  1. Algorithms, testing, models and simulations for PAC systems.
  2. Applications, new functions and philosophies, settings, coordination and computational tools for protection systems.
  3. Disturbance analysis: case studies, lessons learned, automated fault analysis techniques and tools for analysis.
  4. Wide area monitoring, protection and control systems (WAMPACS).
  5. System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS) - Special Protection Systems (SPS). Impact of FACTS and HVDC on protection and automation of AC grids.
  6. Performance assessment of protection and automation systems, and initiatives for increasing reliability and availability of generation, transmission and distribution assets.
  7. Condition monitoring and asset management of protection, automation and control systems and devices.
  8. PAC system standardization, use of profiles.
  9. DC transmission systems protection and control.
  10. Synchrophasor applications and results.
  11. Advanced protection, automation and control functions and its applications. Adaptive protection.
  12. IEC 61850 based PAC systems, including process bus, merging units and NCITs. Application cases and achieved benefits.
  13. Testing and deployment of protection functions and IEDs.
  14. Substation and power plants automation systems and issues.
  15. PAC for Future Power Networks / Smart Grids, distribution systems, commercial and residential loads.
  16. Data communication applications to protection, automation and control and cybersecurity issues.
  17. Impact on PAC systems of the integration of distributed generation sources (wind, solar, vehicular) and energy storage systems.
  18. Issues related to training technical personnel and managers for PAC.



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